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Male Ability, Inc.

Strategic Plan​​​​​​

Goal One:       Provide a blueprint that will educate and build life skills

  Objective:      Build self-esteem and confidence

                          Instill self-appreciation and appreciation for others

                       Promote positive and receptive thinking 

                      -  Set realistic and reachable goals for job preparation

                         through training, career advisement, and skill development

Goal Two:       Promote Health and Fitness

Objective:       - Conduct annual health and wellness workshops

                      - Engage teens in sports activities


Goal Three:    Community Engagement through Involvement

 Objective:      - Annual Give Back to Your Community Drive where teens are involved

                        in community related activities 

Goal Four:      Promote Cultural Educational Trips

Objective:       - Educational field trips (museums, i.e., Historical, Musical, etc.)

Goal Five:       Education and Career Development

Objective:       - Tutoring

                      - Career preparation